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BloodyTsavo's News

Posted by BloodyTsavo - July 31st, 2013

So after a lull, things are really starting to pick up. I have two commissions for tattoo designs and one for a business logo. Ironically they want a peacock and after doing the last one, I just had to laugh at myself. I abhorred those bloody feathers after i was done. xD

Still i'll do it! It will be great exposure even a small business.

One of the tattoos if for a phoenix and frankly i'm starting to wonder what it is about these birds lately.

The other thankfully is something more within the realm of what comes natural. Sort of a mix between the water dragon with teal background and "Don't look", with the purple. Except with, "more tentacles" as he put it. That should be fun.

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I tend to keep these more updated than here as I don't like to upload sketches here. Enjoy!

Posted by BloodyTsavo - December 18th, 2012

Working on seasonal ideas although I never seem to get them out in time but then time is something i've rarely put much mind to. Nonetheless I have several requesting possible tattoo designs that hopefully will be finished. Have an idea of something to be sending up to my grandmother for xmas as she has not been able to see any of my work as is yet which saddens me as I know she would be supportive.

Despite all that though, after getting a card from my father, I decided to respond in my own way with apparently inking a phoenix upon the inside in a speed drawing. Took about...10min including set up? xD

And don't forget:
Bloody Ruin art on Twitter
Bloody Ruin Artwork now on Facebook too!
And tumblr o course

I tend to keep these more updated than here as I don't like to upload sketches here. Enjoy!

The Fire in Snow

Posted by BloodyTsavo - September 4th, 2012

My current project has split off into two. The sphinx cat is still on the line and at the moment has something like a bookshelf beginning in the background. I think my biggest issue of the moment is that I'm not precisely Sure what I want to do with the background as it is.

The other project I've started is inspired by some little doodles I've been doing at work. I'm very excited with how it is currently progressing and allowing my largest issue with that to be what sort of color scheme I feel for them.

My other thought process is most well ahead of time to the winter holidays and what sort of project I want to do for it. I would like to do something in time that I can make cards or such to send out to folks for the holidays themselves. Just need ideas. xD

Toasty Light Bulbs

Posted by BloodyTsavo - August 7th, 2012

Working on a new painting for the owner of a bookshop that my mother used to be great friends with waaaaay back in the day. He started the amazing bookstore that sells fantasy/fiction works and nothing like buffy or startrek. They are also willing to look up and find copies of whatever it is you are looking for and to me that speaks of the past not current. Only a few places now will do such things for just anyone. In their shop are spokescats of the nude variety and after seeing one image of a cat I loved it, needed to attempt it. Hopefully they will like it as it will be a surprise :D

Nudey cats

Posted by BloodyTsavo - July 5th, 2012

Took a break for a bit to enjoy the 4th as well as my birthday which was interesting. Went to a bbq where due to bugs and us arriving a bit late we ended up watching the fireworks on tv lol It was good times over all. Still a person tends to miss the age when they were young and received more interesting things than a message on a chalkboard. Nonetheless it was a pleasure.

The 4th

Posted by BloodyTsavo - June 22nd, 2012

So finished lately with two new projects, the one Ocular came out fantastic. It was likely far too much fun putting in all the detail that it took me forever to do it. That and i tended to avoid it for days at a time for not other reason than i was not interested in completing it. it's like a good book.

Also finished a sort of 'speed paint' of Phantasm, which was great and although i was hesitant at first at how the design would come out, i was greatly pleased.

still working out some commissions and looking forward to some more. Finally got some pricing systems worked out and am now working towards saving for a new camera so that i can get better quality images of the paintings and resubmit them as functional prints.

onwards to more paintings and even more ruined clothing via paint


Posted by BloodyTsavo - May 24th, 2012

Working on a couple commissions as of late and towards setting up a shop via etsy. I was given excellent information on the process of the things i need to do by an amazing artist on there that does this for a full time job. Oh how I envy her :D
First stop however is to save for a good new camera so I can arrange prints to be made.

A new personal project has also been started. A large piece similar to "feline sentimental" and i hope it will turn out with as much great feed back as the first.


Posted by BloodyTsavo - May 7th, 2012

Started a new piece and without great intelligence i did so on a day i worked that night. Thusly after being lost in the painting for about 4 hrs i realized i have only 3 to sleep before working. :D

It felt good thought. always good to get lost in a work of progress. I will likely be finishing it today and posting soon if i can get a good picture. Prints will be soon available as soon as i get off my lazy arse.

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