Entry #8

I fail at updates

2013-07-31 10:06:51 by BloodyTsavo

So after a lull, things are really starting to pick up. I have two commissions for tattoo designs and one for a business logo. Ironically they want a peacock and after doing the last one, I just had to laugh at myself. I abhorred those bloody feathers after i was done. xD

Still i'll do it! It will be great exposure even a small business.

One of the tattoos if for a phoenix and frankly i'm starting to wonder what it is about these birds lately.

The other thankfully is something more within the realm of what comes natural. Sort of a mix between the water dragon with teal background and "Don't look", with the purple. Except with, "more tentacles" as he put it. That should be fun.

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I tend to keep these more updated than here as I don't like to upload sketches here. Enjoy!


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